On June 27, Justin Trudeau gave a wide-ranging press conference in which he made some fact-free claims about his own performance, such as…

“We went from a floor where the budget was balanced, because supposedly the Conservatives had balanced the budget, to what was the reality of our budget of being about $18 billion in deficit the end of that first year.”

– Justin Trudeau


The fact is, backed up by the Department of Finance and the Parliamentary Budget Officer, the Conservative Party left the Liberals with a balanced budget when we left office.

(Source: PBO Economic and Fiscal Outlook, October 2016 Page 16 “Absent these new (Liberal spending plans), the Government would have reported a $2.9 billion surplus in 2015-16.”)

The Prime Minister’s claim is the kind of economic policy which led him to claim that “the budget will balance itself”.

It’s also contrary to his election promise when he said, “We’re committed to … getting to balance in 2019.”

“Since taking office, we’ve cut taxes for 9 million Canadians.”

– Justin Trudeau


Since taking office, the Liberal Party hasn’t met a tax hike it didn’t embrace.

Here are just a few ways Trudeau has made life more expensive for Canadians:

Cutting TFSA contributions by half

Ending the Transit tax credit

Ending the Family Tax cut

Ending the Child Fitness Tax Credit

Ending the Children’s arts tax credit

Ending the Textbook tax credit

Ending the Education Tax credit

Introduced a federal carbon tax

Raised beer, wine and spirit excise tax

Added new tax to Uber rides

Cancelled EI tax reductions

Increased CPP tax payments

Imposed higher taxes for companies that donate medicine to charities

Increased user fees and scheduled those fees to rise every year

Eliminated the first-time donor’s super credit for charitable donations

“Canadians didn’t feel good about their economic future, didn’t feel good about their kids’ economic future.”

– Trudeau, referring to our Conservative record


We know the Prime Minister likes to make economic policy decisions based on “feelings”.  After all, this is the same Prime Minister who wanted to “grow the economy from the heart outwards.”

After months of wasteful spending on ministerial office renovations, moving expenses for the PM’s staff, and the Prime Minister’s tropical vacations, Canadians are fed up.

The Liberals have added billions of dollars of new debt that Canadians have nothing to show for. And now they’re raising taxes on everything from kids sports to beer and wine to Uber rides.

Only Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party can truly be counted on to be the voice of the taxpayer and reverse these out of control Liberal tax-and-spend policies.

Stand against out of control Liberal spending.

Stand with Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives!

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