Justin Trudeau claims to care about the middle class – but in reality, all he has done is make life more expensive for hard working Canadians.

He’s blowing through taxpayer dollars like a kid with dad’s credit card, and he wants you to pay the bill when it comes in!

Here’s how he is charging you already:

Netflix Tax

Liberal MPs proposed to charge a new 5% tax on internet streaming services like Netflix and iTunes.

Carbon Tax

A tax on everything that makes life more expensive for Canadian families.

Taxing alcohol

The 2017 Liberal budget announced a 2% tax on beer, wine, and spirits.

Taxing tobacco

This new tax will see smokers pay an extra $10 for a carton of cigarettes.

Cancelling tax credits

Liberals made it a priority to eliminate Conservative tax breaks for families.

Increasing fees for services

The Liberals are now charging more for campsites, passports, and other federal services.

Life is simply more expensive for families with Justin Trudeau in charge!

Tell Trudeau to stop nickel and diming Canadians!


Authorized by the Registered Agent of the Conservative Party of Canada.

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