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Oh boy. This latest one is awful.

The Liberals blew “nearly a quarter-million dollars on artistic themes for its 2017 Budget.” Including $89,500 on “talent fees and photos of models posing as middle class Canadians”.

That doesn’t even count what Trudeau’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau – yes, the same guy that wants to raise taxes on local business owners, farmers, and retail clerks – dished out to a company to write his 2016 budget speech for him. Spoiler: it was more than $11,000.

It gets worse! Turns out the Liberals also dropped a cool $176,339 for cover art for the 2016 Budget.

If you’re reading this right now, ask yourself, have you ever even seen a copy of the Budget? Do you even remember what it looks like? You probably know what’s in it – all of Justin Trudeau’s broken promises and spending plans that will put us billions of dollars into debt. But the cover?!

Now, before we go, want to know how much Conservatives would typically spend?

“Previous Conservative cabinets published budgets with a plain blue cover or inexpensive stock photos purchased from commercial distributors for $600 or less.”

Of course this will all be fine if the budget balances itself like Mr. Trudeau says it can.

We’re still waiting for that to happen, and it looks like at the current Liberal spending rate, we’ll be waiting awhile…

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