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The Carbon Tax: you know about it, you’re living under it, and you don’t like it.

It costs you more, big polluters less– while doing nothing for the environment!

Now the Liberals are spending $3.5 million of your money on an ad campaign to promote the “benefits” of Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax.

$3.5 million to promote a tax they said would bring in $2.6 million. Even Liberal attempts to bring in money just run up more deficits. This is Justin Trudeau’s “revenue neutral”.

And this is what the Liberals do.

When they find out voters are against their policies – instead of scrapping those policies, they spend your money on big, pricey ads to try to change your mind!

There’s only one word to describe this waste: Absurd.

While Canadian taxpayers are straining to pay ever-increasing heating and gas bills, the Liberals are turning around and spending those tax dollars on advertising and over-priced postcards.

Trudeau once promised to treat taxpayers with respect. Instead, we got his cavalier attitude towards treating your money like a blank chequebook.

Justin Trudeau is not as advertised.

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