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The Liberals will tell you that their most recent economic update is chock full of good news.

You’ve probably even already heard Trudeau out celebrating it.

The fact is, however, they’re borrowing $20 billion this year to pay for their out-of-control spending, and are desperately raising taxes to pay the bill.

Andrew Scheer and our Conservative Party believes in responsible government spending, lower taxes, and making life more affordable for every Canadian.

Trudeau’s self-congratulations rings a little hollow. It was only two years ago he was promising modest deficits and balanced budgets. Now, Justin Trudeau is adding debt at twice the rate he promised and his government projects that debt will grow every year into the future.

Justin Trudeau has been giving with one hand and taking more with the other. Canadians cannot trust this Liberal Prime Minister to give them a tax break because at the end of the day we know who will be saddled with the bill for Trudeau’s out of control spending habits – your children and grandchildren!

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