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Prior to the last election Conservatives warned voters that the Liberals couldn’t be trusted on the economy.

Justin Trudeau was busy crisscrossing the country making election promises – his biggest, for example, was he would only be running “modest” $10 billion deficits.

Sure enough, just as we warned, Trudeau broke his promise and Canadians were left with a $30 billion deficit.

If that wasn’t bad enough, economic updates since then have shown the Liberals’ deficit in the 2017 budget could jump another $5 billion.

Now it appears the Liberals have been playing fast and loose with their accounting in a bid to skew their expenditures and lessen their debt loads leading in to the 2017 budget.

In fact, the Parliamentary Budget Officer says he can’t account for $2.5 billion in infrastructure money that is supposed to be used for projects across Canada!

The worst part? Of all the spending the Liberals have done in the past year and a half, if they spent on the right kind of infrastructure it would have likely created economic growth and new full time jobs – both of which the Trudeau Liberals have failed to do.

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