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During their sunny ways campaign of 2015, Justin Trudeau promised balanced budgets. Then, changed his mind and began promising “modest” deficits of around $10 billion.

He also promised a balanced budget by the next election in 2019.

So much for that!

Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau delivered a fall economic update for the ages. One that proved what we’ve been saying all along – election promises made by the Trudeau Liberals just can’t be trusted!

The economic update confirmed the Liberals are “doubling down” on running deficits – with no plan to balance the budget… EVER!

Perhaps if the Trudeau Liberals could just learn how to curb their out-of-control spending habits, they wouldn’t have to try and pry money out of the pockets of local business owners by raising their taxes – or cut benefits for vulnerable Canadians affected by diabetes!

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