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It sure does pay to be friends with Justin Trudeau, doesn’t it?

Want proof? Here it is…

Rana Sarkar, a former Liberal candidate, and friend of the Prime Minister’s top aide, Gerald Butts, has just been handed a premium diplomatic post in San Francisco – at nearly twice the “official salary rate”, and, according to CTV, makes him “one of the highest-paid Canadian diplomats.

That’s right, when it comes to Justin Trudeau helping out his friends, the rules really don’t matter – especially when Canadian tax payers pick up the tab.

Typically, the salary range for this position begins at $119,600 – however, Mr. Sarkar can expect to make up to $260,300 in his plum posting.

We’re sure the Liberals will make excuses.  They say Mr. Sarkar can’t be expected to live on a paltry 120K – despite perks of the job that include “regular trips” to Hawaii and a “five-bedroom house” in San Francisco, “worth millions.”

This is just the latest in a long list of questionable spending by Justin Trudeau…

One of my best friends that runs a political advocacy group needs cash?  No problem!

My staff have over $220,000 in moving expenses?  All good!

Wanna come to the Bahamas for free?  Well, Canadians can pick up the $130,000 tab!

Want to live in California, travel to Hawaii, get a free house and get paid double what anyone else in that job would make?  It’s on me — well, the taxpayer, actually.

It’s clear Justin Trudeau cares more about looking after those closest to him than he does about looking after the needs of every day hard working Canadians.

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