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To the average Canadian, spending $500 a night on a hotel room is a luxury they can’t afford.

But for Trudeau Liberals, cost is the last thing they worry about. After all, it’s just your money they’re spending!

Through the Library of Parliament, we now know how many government departments paid more than $500 a night on hotels since the Liberals were elected.

I’m willing to bet you won’t be happy with some of the highlights:

  • More than half of the Trudeau cabinets’ departments have paid over $500 a night to stay in high priced hotels.
  • Many stays reported were in the $600-$700 range.
  • Almost 100 nights have been tallied so far.  (Some did not report by the required deadline.)
  • $63,000 spent, as of the end of 2016.
  • Minister Sajjan’s department leads the way with 33 nights, totaling almost $22,000
  • During Trudeau’s weekend visit to Sun Valley, known as the “Summer-camp for billionaires,” PMO spent $900 per sleep.

With spending habits like this, it’s no wonder the Liberals have repeatedly blown through their budget projections.

In fact, Finance Canada’s long term economic projections based on current Trudeau policies will take Canada in the direction of $1.5 trillion – yes, with a T – in debt over the coming years.

The Liberals’ spending habits are reckless and completely out of touch with every day, hard-working Canadians.

And when it comes to supporting the middle class, the Liberals are clearly all talk. Only the Conservative Party is the true voice of the taxpayer.




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