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Justin Trudeau’s summer retreat got “a few” upgrades, so he could enjoy his time under the sun this summer.

Here are just a few of the upgrades that you paid for:

  • $10,000 for a new screened patio;
  • $8,500 on boat racks;
  • $5,000 for a golf cart;
  • $12,000 for a new deck
  • $12,000 for a new dock
  • $45,000 for a new snow removal contract (for grooming of cross-country ski trails);

The Prime Minister also had a sauna put in that he did pay for himself – but he plans on taking that with him when he leaves.

Check out the whole story here.

While Trudeau is raising taxes on Canadians who just can’t afford it, he insists on living a lavish lifestyle on the taxpayers’ dime.

This just shows that Justin Trudeau sees Canadian taxpayers as nothing more than his own personal piggy bank!

It’s time people were put first again.

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