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Fact: The Trudeau Liberals have far exceeded the spending levels promised during the 2015 campaign.

We know, we know. Old news.

The Liberals have tried to explain away their insane spending levels.

We need infrastructure investment, it’s the Conservatives’ fault, yadda yadda.

We know that’s baloney.

But it’s nice to see others realizing this too. From Macleans:

The Liberals’ standard talking point is that the larger-than-expected deficit is a result of slower-than projected economic growth. But as far as I can tell, this is only a partial explanation, accounting for roughly one quarter of the deterioration in the federal budget balance. Roughly three quarters of the increase in the federal deficit can be explained by the fact that the Liberals are spending much more than what they said they would during the election.

In 2015, Justin Trudeau made his pledge – “modest deficits” of $25 billion between election cycles with a balanced budget by 2019/2020. That promise went out the window before Trudeau was even sworn in.

Research indicates, the Liberals are on pace to spend “about $15 billion a year more than they promised,” meaning to meet their own election goals they’d need to cut spending significantly to meet their original commitments made in their election platform.

More simply, before the next election the “federal deficit would be reduced by two-thirds if the Liberals had stuck to their spending commitments in real terms.”

Canadians deserve so much better than this.

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