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Spending on wining and dining in the U.S. has doubled under Trudeau, as Liberal MPs are living the lifestyles of the rich and the famous – on your dime!

Here are just some of the examples of extravagant Liberal spending:

  • On “hospitality:” $274,000 (Washington DC), $170,000 (NYC), $99,000 (LA);
  • $13,000 on a Grammy awards party;
  • $8,600 on an Emmy awards party;
  • $9,000 on catering for a Rufus Wainwright concert;
  • $31 on cookies from Whole Foods;
  • $126,000 on hospitality spending in India (for what little good that has done us);
  • $4,000 champagne purchase in Paris; and
  • $2,000 worth of maple syrup at a Tokyo Canada Day reception.

While average Canadians struggle to pay the bills, Trudeau and his colleagues are bent on living like big-time celebrities.

Check out the whole story here.

Record levels of debt and increased taxes for us – living the life of a celebrity for them.

Taxpayer dollars aren’t for Justin and his friends to spend on themselves.

It’s time people were put before government.

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