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Good governments make tough decisions with the best interests of the country in mind.

That’s why in 2012 our Conservative government took the necessary steps to protect Canada’s Social Security – to ensure it will be there for future generations.

Fact: Canadians are living longer.

Fact: Canada’s senior population will double in the years ahead.

Conservatives believe that government programs, including OAS, need to be sustainable in order to ensure that current and future generations receive the benefits they deserve.

Justin Trudeau disagrees!

In a bid to win votes, he has reversed the decisions made by our Conservative government – a decision that does not make any economic sense.

He is ignoring the advice from his own Economic Council to align Canada’s Pension system with the changing face of Canada’s demographics. But why?

Because the Liberals don’t understand that tough choices must be made now to protect our future.

Trudeau has preached about using “evidence based policy” in his decision making process.  It is becoming clear that does not apply when evidence based policies aren’t politically convenient.


  • When the OAS program was created Canada had a vastly different demographic outlook than what exists today.
  • OAS is not a dedicated fund like the CPP. OAS is paid for out of general tax revenues.
  • Canada’s senior population continues to climb, Canadians continue to live longer than ever before.
  • Some analysts predict that in the years ahead Trudeau’s senior policy reversal will cost taxpayer upwards of an additional $11 billion per year.
  • Future demographic trends, coupled with reversing the age of eligibility back to 65, means OAS program costs could triple by 2030 to over $100 billion a year compared to 2011 levels.

Nobody wins if Canada’s social security net collapses.

Trudeau must put policy and practicality before politics.


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