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There is finally hope on the horizon for Canadians.

With the election of Andrew Scheer as the next leader, the Conservatives have confirmed they are the only party to put the best interests of hard-working Canadian taxpayers first.

Since taking office, the Trudeau Liberals have broken their election promises and moved toward tripling their deficit forecasts on an annual basis, with no plan for balanced budgets until the 2050’s.

They also continue to find “creative” new ways to take more money out of the pockets of Canadians.  They’ll call it “raising user fees”, or “implementing a price on carbon”, but the reality is… they are raising your taxes.

Under an Andrew Scheer-led government, Canadians could instead expect…

  • A balanced budget within 2 years of taking office.
  • Tax Savings on Home Energy Costs: The federal government does not tax essentials, like most groceries or medical supplies. Home energy should be included in that exemption.
  • No more corporate welfare: It’s better to create the conditions for all Canadian companies to have a chance at succeeding, not picking and choosing winners by subsidizing individual businesses.

Needless to say, this would all be good news for Canadian taxpayers!

These policies offer a stark contrast to the Trudeau Liberals.  In 18 months they have shown they care more about wasting billions of dollars on their own entitlements, helping their well-connected Ottawa cronies, and building unproven programs that provide little to no value to everyday Canadians.


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