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Another day, another tax payer dollar – well $7,000 to be exact.

For what?

A tiny bit of carpet that had to be replaced TWICE.

That’s right, staff in the office of Trudeau’s recently appointed Senator – Ontario’s Lucie Moncion – requested new carpet. Then, they had the new carpet torn out and replaced.

According to Moncion’s staff, they didn’t want beige carpet – one of the Senates two official colours – and said it looked “weird.”

When a reporter with the Globe and Mail asked if replacing a newly installed carpet was a justified use of public resources, Ms. Moncion replied:

“I don’t know. I have no idea. I have no idea how it’s done at the Senate.”

Yes. She actually said that.

Replacing new carpet with more new carpet at a $7000 expense to the taxpayer? Just another example of Liberal entitlement.

Canadian taxpayers already pay too much, and they pay even more thanks to the continued wasteful spending of the Justin Trudeau Liberals.

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