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Believe it or not, the Liberals have found more ways to drive up the deficit.  This time, by dropping over $22,000 on – wait for it – Snapchat filters.

Don’t know what Snapchat is?  Don’t worry, the Trudeau government says it’s part of an “innovative approach” towards “finding new ways of reaching and engaging Canadians.”

Looks more like the Liberals have found <strong><em>an innovative approach to waste even more of your money.</em></strong>

And what exactly do taxpayers get for the $22,000 used to pay for the app best known for making selfies look silly?

Well, government staff say using Snapchat is “key to helping Canada achieve its foreign policy, trade, consular and development objectives.”

We can’t make this stuff up.

I guess we now know why Justin Trudeau takes so many selfies – he’s trying to save the world one snap at a time.

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