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When it comes to wasteful spending, the Liberals could write a book.

Actually, they are more likely to pay someone to write a speech about it!

After all, they’ve already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on government contracts for research and speeches.

Recent government documents provided to us show the Liberals are very likely to give your tax dollars to consultants and freelance speech writers than have their permanent staff do the work they were hired to do.

Ministers already have staff members and entire departments of public servants at their beck and call.

But that didn’t stop Trudeau’s Finance Minister from dishing out a whopping $11,300 to a company for writing last year’s budget speech.

That’s right, instead of using the Department of Finance, or his own staff, Trudeau’s Finance Minister hired a private company to produce the Budget speech – one can only assume the costs will be similar for the preparations of Budget 2017.

To date:

  • The Liberals have commissioned the writing of over 100 speeches.
  • They’ve paid almost $100,000 of your money for those speeches.
  • They’ve handed out almost half a million bucks in contracts for research and speaking notes.

It’s clear the Liberals are intent on increasing government spending and borrowing.  They’re driving up the deficit, raised taxes to pay for pet projects and wasted millions on consultations.

When it comes to spending other people’s money, no one is better at it than the Liberals.


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