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Well, we finally have numbers from Trudeau’s trip to Davos, Switzerland last year.

Almost $700,000 – that’s your tax money!

All for Trudeau and his entourage to attend this “annual retreat of billionaires, celebrities and world leaders.”

From the Globe & Mail:

“The Trudeau government’s trip to this year’s exclusive gathering of global elites in Davos cost taxpayers almost $700,000, with tens of thousands of dollars for pricey accommodations in the swanky Swiss resort, newly released documents show.”

“The total cost of the three-day trip in January to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland was $678,000, most of that for hotels, office and room rentals and transportation, according to figures recently tabled in Parliament.”

“The cost of flying Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his delegation on a government jet from Ottawa to Zurich was almost $200,000.”

Lots of money when you’re the ones paying for it.

But in the life of Justin Trudeau, it’s just another trip!

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