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Justin Trudeau’s second budget continued a trend – a trend of massive annual deficits while piling on to Canada’s overall debt.

But that was to be expected. This budget came on the heels of the fall economic update that warned us of tens of billions of dollars added to the deficit over the next few years.

Of course, with the way the Liberals dish out the pork, we’re surprised the deficit wasn’t deeper.

After all, it’s only been a few weeks since we learned the Liberals were up to their old tricks again.  Handing out your cash for pet projects and expecting you to be happy for the privilege.

The media described the Liberals last spending splurge as a “blizzard of cheque handouts,” with spending amounts reaching heights which have not been seen in the past decade.

In total, during just one week in February the Liberals managed to dish out $1.25 billion on almost 200 pet projects, including over a quarter of a billion for “overseas funding commitments.”

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals believe they can buy votes and, against any conventional wisdom, somehow spend Canada into prosperity.

But after 18 months they still haven’t realized that all of their borrowing means bigger deficits which leads to higher interest payments which results in higher taxes.

The Liberals are on a wasteful spending spree, driving Canada further in to debt.  They have no plans control their feverish spending and no intentions of balancing the budget.

Canadians deserve a government that spends tax dollars wisely, not just for the sake of spending to buy votes.


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