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When it comes to debt, how much is too much?

Sometimes, carrying debt can’t be helped. And that’s ok.

But Canadians understand this basic concept: if you want something, you should work hard to be able to pay for it!

Clearly that message is nowhere to be found in Justin Trudeau’s government. And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. During his time as Canada’s Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau plunged Canada further in to debt. He ran annual deficits for years, with little regard for balancing the books.

Eliminating the federal deficit was the focus of our Conservative government. We understood the simple premise that balanced budgets pay off in the long run.

Canada became one of the first industrialized nations to balance its books after the worldwide economic downturn.

Yet, in one short year, Justin Trudeau managed to waste the surplus we left him. In fact, he blew past his own deficit projections and racked up tens of billions in new debt.

When 2016 ended, Canadians were feeling less positive about their current financial situation. And who can blame them? Canada’s fiscal outlook is bleak. But no one could have predicted what was about to happen over the Christmas break – projections of annual deficits for the next quarter century. The end result, $1.5 trillion in total federal debt by 2050.

Analysts say Canada is teetering on the edge of financial crisis. If Trudeau keeps up his ineffective spending habits it could collapse the economy!

Productivity is down. Energy sector investment is down. Household consumer debt continues to grow higher than ever before.

In the past year there has been close to zero economic growth. All Trudeau has given Canadians is broken promises – broken promises that have hurt families and the economy.

He has eliminated too many tax breaks for families to mention. Now there are whispers of taxing health and dental care. And that’s all before we’ve seen the full implementation of Trudeau’s job killing carbon tax!

The seriousness of how Justin Trudeau chooses to waste tax payer dollars can’t be ignored. He has mortgaged the future of our country and has saddled our children and grandchildren with a level of debt we could have never imagined.

Canadians deserve better. They deserve leadership and a leader willing and able to make the tough decisions to ensure prosperity in our economy.

With a new leader in place later this year, that is exactly what Conservatives are going to give Canadians.

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